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Contract to Purchase & Renovate a Property


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    1. Letter Hear Clip Art

    2. Thank you for your interest in purchasing and renovating a property from the Preble County Land Bank.  Over the years our community has vacant and blighted properties that hurt neighborhoods, depress our real estate market, and damage confidence in our future. Now, by working together, we can change that! 

    3. Our application process is simple. You will make three major commitments to us in this contract. 

      • You will tell us honestly how you intend to use the home (as your home, as a rental, etc.). 

      • You will provide us with a full renovation plan for the home that makes it safe & livable again. 

      • You will purchase the home for its fair value and show us you have the funding to fully renovate.

      We will attach a Mortgage to the property while you are meeting those commitments. You will be required to pass an Inspection that confirms that the property is safe & livable after your renovation work is finished. Once you pass the Inspection and meet all other commitments to the Land Bank, we will release our Mortgage. After all is done, you’ll have a great property and the neighborhood will benefitted from your efforts. 

      Please complete all pages in this contract so that we can review and consider your offer! 

    4. The following question is used by the Land Bank to ensure that you have access to appropriate services. The Land Bank supports and complies with all fair housing laws. 

    5. Do you read and understand English?