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Child Support Case Manager

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    Title: Child Support Case Manager

    Department: Job and Family Services

    Location: 1500 Park Ave., Eaton, OH 45320

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    Some information requested in this section may be requested again at the time of interview.  Please be aware that we do not collect full Social Security Numbers or Dates of Birth on the on-line application.

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    Give your complete employment record, including relevant experience.  If you were empowered under another name, write in the name by which you were known to your employer.  Begin with your most recent employment.  If additional space is needed, describe your additional experience in your uploaded resume.  THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED.  THE ATTACHMENT OF A RESUME IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

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    Compliance with the county's drug testing policy is a condition of employment.  Therefore, all job offers are made with the understanding that prospective employees pass a drug screening test prior to being hired.

  14. Please Note: Title 35 of the Ohio Revised Code prohibits anyone convicted of a felony to serve as an election officer.

    Must be able to provide references upon request.

    APPLICATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF THIS AFFIRMATION IS OMITTED.  I affirm that the answers I have made to each and all of the questions in this application are complete and true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that intentional deception herein may be considered as sufficient cause for disqualification or dismissal if employed.  I hereby wave all provisions of law forbidding my colleges or universities which I attended, or past employers, from disclosing any knowledge of information which they thereby acquired relevant to my employment, and I hereby consent that they disclose any knowledge or information to the Preble County Board of Commissioners.  I hereby also consent to the release of all my police records concerning any arrest with subsequent convictions for crimes.  I hereby also consent to the release of my driving record including all citations.  I release these records to the Preble County Board of Commissioners and wave any right to personal privacy I might have over the records.

    I hereby certify that I have given the Preble County Board of Commissioners permission to obtain a copy of any arrest or conviction record pertaining to me now in the files of the OHIO BUREAU OF CRIMINAL INDENTIFICATION AND INVESTIGATION.  I hereby release the OHIO BUREAU OF CRIMINAL INDENTIFICATION AND INVESTIGATION and all individuals connected therewith from all liability in connection with the dissemination of such arrest or conviction date.

    I am applying for employment with the Preble County.  I understand that if employed, I agree to conform to the Preble County Board of Commissioners' rules.  I also agree that I shall be subject to other conditions which the Preble County Board of Commissioners may adopt.

    Preble County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  State and Federal Law prohibits discrimination in the employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation/identification, age and disability.

    All County offices adhere to a Smoke Free Workplace Policy.

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