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Pork Festival Volunteer Sign-Up

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  2. Preble County Volunteer Opportunity Form

    Please fill in the form below help us celebrate the events and people that make Preble County Great

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  4. Are you willing to volunteer for the following events?
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  6. Thank you for taking interest in Preble County and in the wonderful people that make this a great place to live and work in.  Someone will be in touch with you soon!

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Preble County Building Regulations Forms

Please call NIC with any Inspection or Building Regulation Questions at 888-433-4642

Preble County Planning & Zoning

The official Preble County Rural Zoning Map resides with the Office of Land Use Management.  However, there is a Zoning layer available on the Preble County Auditor’s GIS website that can be activated by checking the box. For official zoning designations or for questions about particular properties, please contact the Office of Land Use Management at (937) 456-8171

Tax Map & Survey Review 


  • Planning Commission Dates (see calendar below)
  • Zoning Appeals Dates (see calendar below)
  • Zoning Commission Dates (see calendar below)

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    Commission Meeting Public comment section is held at the beginning of each meeting.
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